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Worlds Of Wonder Ticket Noida Price, Timings, Booking, Rides & More

Today, we are going to discuss the most usual and hot topic of this exotic summer. Yes, you might have understood by now it’s none other than a water park cum amusement park named “Worlds Of Wonder.” WOW is an amusement cum water park, which is located in Noida Sector 38A, Uttar Pradesh, India. Moreover, Unitech Holding Ltd is the company that owns Worlds Of Wonder Noida. To learn from scratch then, you might know that WOW was started in 2007. At that time, it started with a mighty beginning; the water cum amusement park only had 20 rides. Adding more to that, WOW occupies an area of around 10 acres, which includes it among one of the largest amusement water parks in India.   

Usually called “Worlds of Wonder,” the Entertainment City of Noida. The theme park “WOW” has more than 20 TUV-certified rides and 26 world-class slides. Besides pools, slides, and rides, it also has 20 themed eateries & dining, shopping complexes, etc., making it a complete entertainment package. And also one of the best places to hang out with friends, family, and loved ones in Delhi-NCR. Furthermore, it is a top-rated attraction of Delhi NCR that one must visit in its entire life. The primary two attractions of WOW are Water Park and Amusement Park. The Worlds Of Wonder Noida remains open from 11 Am to 6 PM the entire year. 

Worlds Of Wonder(WOW): Additional Facilities

Neglecting the basic facilities of its visitors is definitely different from the style of WOW water park. That’s why Worlds of Wonder Noida’s management has facilitated every visitor with some must-have facilities. And these are Changing Room, Shower, Lockers, Inflatable Toys, and Swimsuits. Plus, it also offers some other additional things such as Drinking-Water, Towels, and Food. There might be some additional charges or fees to opt for and use all these things.  

Worlds Of Wonder(WOW): Drooling Food

The management of WOW always upholds when it comes to stuffing their visitors’ feasts with delicious and drooling food. Therefore, it serves its visitors with several cafes and restaurants with different cuisines and a variety of platters & drinks. A few of them are Madras Café, Café WOW, The Punjabi Dhaba, Snack Bar, McDonald’s, Potato Kiosk, Pool Bar, and Pizzeria. So don’t wait to book your tickets now; plan a visit to WOW without forgetting about visiting these family restaurants.    

Worlds Of Wonder(WOW): Contact Details

Planning a visit without knowing about some basic information or any other relevant information is a must avoidable thing everyone should know about. Therefore, in order to get assistance or customer support, you can visit the Great India Place Mall, Gate No. 11, Ashok Marg, Sector 38, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301. But, if you are not in the mood to visit for assistance, you can contact the official website of Worlds of Wonder Noida And remember, WOW water park is owned by Appu Ghar(Unitech Group). 

How to Easily Visit the Worlds Of Wonder(WOW)?

You can visit the Worlds Of Wonder Noida either traveling by car or metro; choose what is more convenient for you. If you are visiting by car, take a route to the Old-Delhi Gurgaon Road. And then, take a turn to Dadri Main Marg. Also, don’t forget to take the Greater-Noida Expressway route further. But, if you are traveling by metro, then head towards the nearest metro station to the Sector 18 metro station in Noida. Further, take a taxi, auto, or taxi at your convenience to reach your destination at Sector 38.   

What are the WOW’s Ticket Prices, and Where to buy them?

As we all know, everything comes for a fee, so skipping ticket prices might be your biggest mistake ever. Therefore, don’t forget to check the Worlds Of Wonder ticket prices given below to get resolutions to your queries. But remember, the Worlds Of Wonder ticket prices are divided into different categories. Also, the price ranges differ for kids, senior citizens, couples, and the general public.

Moreover, to book your ticket effortlessly, you can visit WOW’s official website, worldsofwonder. in. If you are a little tight on budget, then using the coupon and promo codes by is highly recommended. So, you can buy Worlds Of Wonder Noida tickets at slightly lower prices than usual and earn discounts. Without delaying anymore, let’s have a look at the ticket price categories:  

WOW Ticket Price: Water Park

Our first category is the WOW Water Park ticket price, in which the couples have to spend Rs.1999 (All Days). The next we have is the “General Ticket” price; to get one, you must pay Rs.1450 (All Days). The Worlds Of Wonder ticket price for kids is Rs.999, the same for both weekdays and weekends. If you have senior citizens at home, you have to book tickets at Rs.999(All Days).         

WOW Ticket Price: Amusement Park

The next belongs to “Worlds of Wonder Amusement Park,” whose prices are slightly lower than the WOW water park. Hence, if you are planning to visit an amusement park, check out the Worlds Of Wonder Noida ticket prices below. According to the information, to visit an amusement park, an adult has to pay Rs 599. On the other hand, it charges up to Rs 499 for kids to hang around the Amusement park. Last, we have senior citizens; those have to pay only Rs 199 WOW Water Park ticket price.  

WOW Ticket Price: Amusement Park + Water Park
WOW Ticket Price: Amusement Park + Water Park

But, if you are the one; who wants to enjoy both Amusement and Water park, then here you have your relevant one. However, it is considered more profitable for visitors to buy both park tickets together rather than one at once. As per the information below, if you are an adult, then you need to pay Rs. 998 on weekdays and Rs. 1099 on weekends. But, for kids, you have to pay Rs. 799 on weekdays and Rs. 799 on weekends. Last we have are senior citizens, and their Worlds Of Wonder ticket price is Rs. 499 on weekdays and Rs. 499 on weekends.          

Irresistible Rides in Worlds of Wonder(WOW)

Once you reach and get ticket wristbands, be free to jump and take a ride on the one you always desire for. And remember, there’s no foundation on which ride to take and also how many times you swing on it. And don’t be afraid, as all the rides are secured and surrounded by lifeguards. But the management of Worlds of Wonder Noida follows a proper set of rules and regulations. And these rules are related to the height and weight of individuals, equally applicable to everyone. Hence, to find your eligibility, you need to stay tuned; 


To ride on “Free Fall,” your height should be 129 cm and above. Plus, your weight should be around 50 kg to 136 kg. 


But if you are the one who is craving for “Turbo Tunnel,” then your height should be 129 cm and above. On the other hand, your weight should be around 50 kg to 136 kg.


The next we have is “Rapid Racer,” which requires eligibility of height 129 cm or above. And the weight has to be 40 kg to 136 kg for everyone.


If you desire to swing on a “RipTide” ride, don’t forget your height must be 129 cm or above. Plus, it would help if you had a weight of 50 kg or 136 kg, applicable to a single person. But simultaneously, it’s restricted to 181 kg maximum for two people.


If you are a true “Boomerango” ride fan, your height should be at least 129 cm or above. Besides a desirable height, your weight should be around 50 kg to 136 kg for one person. But if it’s about two people, then the maximum weight is valid to 181 kg. 


With minimum restrictions, enjoy a splash safari deep sea adventure; all you need is a height of around 90 cm to 129 cm. And prepare yourself for a grooving experience by taking a ride on Big Beat, Mega Disco, Turbo Tunnel, Rockin’ Roller, Rapid, and Rip Curl. You must like it the most if you are an adult or a teenager. 


Our last and seventh one is the “Raft Ride,” which requires a Height of 90cm or above. Plus, the weight should be either 50 kg or 136 kg, applicable for 1 person. And a maximum of 363 kg weight is applicable for four people.

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