You are currently viewing Worlds Of Wonder Ticket Noida Price, Timings, Booking, Rides 2023

Worlds Of Wonder Ticket Noida Price, Timings, Booking, Rides 2023

We all know very well how hard summer is hitting our doors and is willing to leave us drained of energy. Therefore, we need an ultimate cool resolution to tackle these hot sunny waves. And in this case, what is better than visiting a water or amusement park? Which is nothing but our all-time favorite Worlds Of Wonder water park. No wonder we people like visiting WOW every year in the summer. 

If you are already a visitor Voucher Deals, you may know how great the World Of Wonder is, located in the City of Entertainment called “Noida.” But if you haven’t visited there yet, it is highly recommended to visit there at least once in your life. Moreover, it is better to check some relevant details before making a visit to WOW. And these are Worlds Of Wonder Price, Worlds Of Wonder BookingWorlds Of  Wonder Timings, and current Worlds Of Wonder Ticket Price 2023. Now, coming back to the subject; so WOW is popular all over India as the largest theme park. 

Furthermore, what makes it more famous is its exceptional 20+ TUV-certified rides and 26 world-class slides. Besides, to save its visitors from starving, it offers 20+ cuisine-based restaurants & eateries to delight your mood. In a nutshell, WOW is a complete package of fun, entertainment, dining, and shopping. And this bunch of collective things makes it the best place for hanging out and spending time with friends & family in Delhi-NCR.   

Worlds Of Wonder Ticket Price 2023

It’s no more a secret to gather information on the current Worlds Of Wonder Prices as in the below section; you can get everything. But before this, the ticket pricing is divided into three parts: Amusement Park, Water Park, and Go Karting. Apart from price fluctuation, there are some applicable factors, such as Height and Age. That should be above 130 cm or above for an adult and 90cm to 130cm for a Child. Moreover, to book WOW tickets, visit its official website. Regarding age, it should be 60 years & above for Sr. Citizens. Now, without any further delay, let’s put some light on the ticket prices: 

Noida Price

*Price May Change

Note: Adult (Height above 130 cm); Child (Height between 90cm – 130cm); Sr. Citizen (60 years & above)

Worlds Of Wonder Entry Timings

To attend every moment of entertainment, you must be punctual and on time. And to make it possible, the entry timings play a relevant role. In this order, here you have accurate detail on it covering all seven weekdays: 

wow Entry Timings

Top 7 Must-try Rides of WOW, Noida

Under the guidance of experts, here we have a list of the best seven rides you must try if you are visiting for the first time. Moreover, it is more reliable as the provided information is based on adrenaline ratings. And even it carries mostly relevant information, let’s get started: 

Best Rides

1. Big Beat

The first one we have on the list is Big Beat, which is meant for Adults only and carries 5/5 adrenaline ratings. It can meet your expectations if you are looking for something full of thrilling surprises. The total duration of the “Big Beat” ride is 2 min-25 sec. And to navigate towards this ride, you only need to follow people screaming in the amusement park. 

Big Beat

2. Go-Karting

The next we have on the list is Go-Karting, which is meant for everyone. And as per the adrenaline ratings, it scores adults. The “Worlds of Wonder “Go-Karting ride is exceptional because it is the largest go-karting track in the Whole of North India. Moreover, you can find the best facilities designed under Wonder Speedway, making it promising for delivering energy-driven Karts. And these are Twin Engine Pro Karts, Single-seater Karts, and Duet Karts.   


3. Download

This ride, named “Download,” is meant for people of every age and gender and has got a 4/5 adrenaline rating. Moreover, if you want to feel the experience of having butterflies in your stomach. Then, it would help if you did not skip swinging on this “Download” ride to get the feeling of touching the ground. The entire duration of this thrilling ride is around 1-minute 35-second.      


4. Rocking Roller

The fourth we have on the list is the “Rocking Roller,” which fits the thrilling taste of adults. In short, the ride “Rocking Roller” is restricted to adults only that has a 5/5 adrenaline rating. Riding on the “Rocking Roller” will give you an amazing experience of 360-degree spins. But before stepping onto this ride, your height must be 145 centimeters. Plus, if you are a female, then don’t forget to tie up your hair and shoelaces; otherwise, you might lose one. Moreover, the ride capacity that the “Rocking Roller” at Worlds Of Wonder provides is 22. At the same time, the ride cycle time is 3 minutes.

Rocking Roller

5. Wave Pool

Another one we have is the “Wave Pool,” which is meant for everyone visiting the WOW. However, the downside of this ride is the given adrenaline rating which is 2/5. The “Wave Pool” works as a game changer as it has the ability to let you have a true experience of the beach in the water park. Moreover, it is covered with sand & sun, well-crafted trees, and the effect of every hour creating artificial waves that reach up to 6 feet. Remember, wearing footwear while stepping on it is not allowed. Therefore, strictly avoid wearing expensive shoes, especially before moving toward the park.

Wave Pool

6. Mega Disko

Our sixth number is “Mega Disko,” which is open to everyone and occupies a 3/5 adrenaline rating. The ride named “Mega Disko” is meant for all thriller seekers because it has a bike-like face that makes it more adventurous. While riding onto it, you might experience a feeling of pulling off, similar to a movie stunt. But before heading towards this ride, you must have 120 centimeters in length. Remember, the holding capacity of “Mega Disko” is 24 people.     

Mega Disko

7. Boomerango

The last one we have is the “Boomerango” ride, which is open to all the visitors at WOW. Besides, this ride has an adrenaline rating of 4/5, which indicates a lot of fun and surprises ahead. Riding on this ride is a must-recommend if you want to dive into fun & excitement with friends and family. But don’t forget your height should be 130 centimeters, and weight is restricted to 190 kilograms for two people.


Eateries & Drooling Food at WOW

Firstly, you don’t need to get worried as Worlds of Wonder is filled with delicious and drooling food. Moreover, there are some popular eateries & restaurants that are available to calm down your hunger. And a few of them are The Punjabi Dhaba, Madras Café, McDonald’s, Café Wow, Pool Bar, Snack Bar, Potato Kiosk, and Pizzeria.  

Contact Details of WOW

The straightforward address of WOW is The Great India Place Mall, Entry from Gate No. 11 Adjacent, Ashok Marg, Sector 38, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301. You can reach out to this address in order to contact and ask any queries. Moreover, another way to contact WOW, owned by Appu Ghar – Unitech Group, is to reach out to their official website.

Convenient Ways to Reach out WOW

  • If you are traveling by car, then take the Old-Delhi Gurgaon Road first. Further, it would help if you turned to Dadri Main Marg before heading towards Greater-Noida Expressway. 
  • And, if you come by metro, then head towards Sector 18 metro station in Noida, which is the nearest one. Afterward, you must take a cab/ taxi/auto-rickshaw to reach Sector 38. 

Additional Facilities Available at WOW

Besides everything, the availability of the rest of the other things for visitors is Shower, Swimsuits, or Lockers. Also, Drinking-Water, Inflatable Toys, Changing Room, Food, and Towels. 

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