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Atlantic Water World, New Delhi – What to Know Before You Go

Atlantic water world is one of the leading amusement parks in Delhi. Although, Atlantic Water World is the ideal spot to have some crazy time with friends and family. However, Atlantic Water World amusement park brings together more than ten water rides and activities. Also, for adventurous people, the park has slides like Gravity, Storm Eye, and Racer, among others. And if you want to spend a chill day there, you have Lazy River, Rain Dance, Wave Pool, and other attractions. Therefore, you can also enjoy sunbathing by the pools with fresh lime soda or chocolate shake, whatever you like. 

Furthermore, Atlantic Water Park is an entertaining zone to beat the heat of Delhi, with something for everybody. Moreover, whether you come here with friends, family members or colleagues, you definitely will have a great time. 

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Where is Atlantic Water World in Delhi?

Atlantic Water Park is in Southern Delhi. As, it is in Kalindi Kunj, and it is a gateway to fun and excitement.

Additionally, apart from the rides and pools, the park also has shady trees and sprawling lawns for you to spend time with. Then, it acts as a perfect venue for parties, family get-togethers, and corporate events too.

Things to do at the Atlantic Water Park

  • Rain dance with songs – You’ll find a rain dancing stage in the park too. With DJ and party music, you definitely will let yourself loose and enjoy your time here.
  • Relax on the beach – Book an Atlantic Water World ticket to experience a fake beach. And it’s the perfect spot to soak in the sun and relax.
  • Check out the food – The water park has two cafes to fulfill your hunger. Though, you can enjoy a gratifying vegetable lunch buffet in one restaurant. And in another (Atlantic Cafe), you can try out the drinks and snacks available. From fries to rolls to shakes and coffees, you’ll get a variety to choose from.
  • Explore the adventure rides – Park has several water slides in which you can enjoy the whole day. You can move down the Tornado, race down the Racer slide, and enjoy the thrill of the Gravity ride. Atlantic Water World Delhi also has other rides such as Aqua Funnel and Storm Eye. And rides for kids like Baby Cool are also here. As well as, newborns can enjoy their day splashing water with others of their age.
  • Frolicking in the wave pool – The Atlantic Water World wave pool recreates the sea waves. In addition, you can chase the waves, face them or float over them with your group.
  • Swim in the pool – This water park has a family pool too. Adults and kids can both can enjoy in this pool. It has surfaced, and even non-swimmers can play along without any worries. You’ll also discover the lazy river – Slow Flow, in Atlantic Water World. It is ideal for the ones who want to float around doing nothing.

Timings and entry fees of the Atlantic Water World

Atlantic Water World is open the entire year, on public holidays too. The entry opens at 11 AM, and you can be there until 6 PM.

Atlantic Water Park entry fee is ₹1200, and the buffet lunch is ₹500 per person for adults. 

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