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Appu Ghar Oysters Gurgaon Vs. Worlds Of Wonder Noida : Which is Better

There is no doubt that Delhi is melting with high temperatures. Further, there is no place left where you can hang out with your friends and chill. In this situation, a water park is one of the perfect options. Although you may have issues with tanning but water is so cool that you will really enjoy visiting there. Let’s compare the two best water parks in Delhi NCR. One is Appu Ghar (Oysters Water Park), located at Gurgaon, near Huda metro station, and the other is Worlds of Wonder, located at Noida, near GIP mall. Here are the two detailed reviews of both water parks.

Oysters (Appu Ghar) Gurgaon Vs. Worlds of Wonder Noida

Oysters Water Park (Appu Ghar) is located near Huda City Metro Station and the last station on the yellow line. You can take a walk from the metro station to oysters park. It is very far from Delhi, a central city. If you live in north Delhi, it will take 90 minutes to reach your destination. Park is full of fun activities. On the other hand, Worlds of Wonder (WoW) is a famous amusement and water park located in Noida in the NCR region that offers a fun and amazing weekend getaway opportunity. The Worlds of Wonder park offers 20 different rides for thrill-seekers, divided into two sections known as La Fiesta, for families and kids, and The roadshow or teen zone.

Why visit Oyster water park (Appu Ghar Gurgaon)?

  • Awesome and safe rides coupled with other thrilling activities. 
  • Hygienic and clean pools. Also, changing rooms and showers are clean and sanitized. 
  • Ideal place for creating unforgettable family memories. 
  • Unwind and rejuvenate yourself with unconditional joy.

Why to visit Worlds of Wonder?

  • Water park 
  • Kid zone

Which One is Better?

Right now, Oyster Water park (Appu Ghar) Gurgaon offers 16 rides, and soon it will become 22. 16 rides include a pool for kids and adults and some minor water rides for kids. Also, it has a lazy river in which you just have to lie down into an air tube, and the water flow will automatically take you for a round. Though, the wave pool will give you the best experience in this water park. Here, they artificially produce waves similar to an ocean in a wave pool. You will feel fresh and surprised at the same time when Splash hits the waves in this pool. Then, there are other rides for kids as well as adults. DJ will play with rain dance all the time. Moreover, you can book your tickets from Voucher Deals on discounted prices. 

It has a food court that can accommodate 100 people in it, and there is seating of approx—175 people outside the food court. Food tastes great, and you will get all types of food – North Indian, South Indian, Italian, beverages, etc. Prices are affordable, not too high, not too low. You have so many other activities to do. 

Overall along with food and dance, it’s a great park with new rides and activities. As it is too far from Delhi central city and also the price is a little bit expensive now, but it is worth it. It is the cleanest water park in Delhi, NCR. You cannot miss this water park during this season. So go now and book your tickets.

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