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5 Most Popular Water Parks In Delhi NCR

Summer is almost here, and there’s no better time to spend it with your loved ones than now. If meandering through the twists and turns of an adventurous water slide is your idea of weekend fun, we’ve produced a list of some of the top water parks in Delhi-NCR. Therefore, these amusement or water parks will quickly burn off your fatigue with exhilarating rides and world-class water slides. Moreover, there’s no doubt that summers in Delhi are scorching. While many may think that the only thing to do on a hot summer day is curl up with a good book and turn the air conditioner to full blast. However, there are some other excellent and enjoyable options you should consider. Additionally, if you’re looking for a way to save your money, don’t worry. We have an alternative of voucherdeals in that case.

You need to beat the heat! Therefore, there’s no better option than water parks. Not only does it rejuvenate us, but getting splashed with cold water on our faces seems like a good option. Moreover, finding water parks in Delhi NCR is not tricky. Since the sheer number of choices might be overwhelming, you will easily find one. Thus, doing some research ahead of time will ensure that everyone is happy on the big day. Whether you’re traveling with a group of friends or your entire family, doing some research is usually a good idea. Hence, look at this list of water parks in Delhi NCR, complete with prices and other helpful information like money-saving vouchers by voucherdeals. Therefore, save money on booking tickets to these water parks, including worlds of wonder, mojoland, oyster beach park, Atlantic Water park, and just chill water park.

Most Popular Water Parks in Delhi Ncr

1. Worlds Of Wonder Water Park

Worlds Of Wonder Water Park

Worlds Of Wonder, Usually known as WOW, has a fantastic round of fun planned for you. The Turbo Tunnel is one of their most impressive and primary attractions. Moreover, if you’re looking for some splash of adventure, the ride called Rapid Racer will keep you coming back for more. Additionally, the Ripcurl is a water slide that spirals you into a refreshing pool of water, while the Lazy River is for people who like to relax in an idle setting. Moreover, for dry rides, the Download, which drops you from a high height, the Big Beat, and the Feedback, rides that will leave you swinging 360 degrees strapped in your seat. These are some of the most popular rides for adults in worlds of wonder. Moreover, you can save a significant amount of money buying vouchers and deals from voucherdeals.

Location: Noida, Noida Delhi NCR

Timings: 11AM TO 7PM

Price: Adult tickets cost INR 1200, children’s tickets cost INR 999, and senior citizens’ tickets cost INR 750. ( handsome discounts on vouchers by voucherdeals)

2. Mojoland


Mojoland is a multi-theme water park has some of the top rides and water slides that can get your adrenaline pumping. Moreover, you can visit the Lagoon Water Park for a more relaxing experience since it offers more tranquility. The Aero Sports Park is a great place to go if you’re looking for a bit of adventure. Furthermore, you can also go to the water parks for all your watery antics. Moreover, other than the water parks, there are other activities such as sky cycling, zip line, rock climbing, and commando net. Since it is located near Murthal, you can combine your day out with a Murthal Dhaba-hopping trail.

Location: GT Road, Murthal, Haryana

Timings: 10:30AM TO 7PM

Price: INR 600 for any 1 park, INR 800 for 2 parks, INR 1000 for any 3 parks ( save generously on vouchers by voucherdeals)

3. Oyster Beach Park

Everyone who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s remembers family excursions to Appu Ghar fondly. Therefore, allow yourself to be swept away by nostalgia as you rediscover your childhood with your children at Appu Ghar’s Oysters Beach Water Park. The water park is located in Gurugram. Moreover, it has an artificial beach as its primary attraction. The Skyfall is one of India’s tallest water slides, while the Whirlwind is a twisty-turny floating slide. Furthermore, the Torpedo and the Rapid Racer are two more thrilling attractions. Moreover, you must use vouchers and deals from voucherdeals to save big on your water parks fun.

Location: Appu Ghar Marg, Behind Huda City Metro Station, Sector 29, Gurugram

Timings: 11AM TO 7PM

Price: For children – INR 799 (weekdays), INR 899 (weekends), For Adults – INR 1299 (weekdays), INR 1399 (weekends), For senior citizens – INR 799 (weekdays), INR 799 (weekends)

4. Atlantic Water Park

Atlantic Water World is one of Delhi’s largest water parks, known for wet and dry rides. Moreover, Atlantic Water Park is the top family and friends entertainment center. Additionally, it offers a broad selection of rides and slides, including a wave pool, lazy river, water coaster, and a large family pool. Aside from these, the Atlantic water world is home to the Delhi Eye, a 45-meter-tall Ferris Wheel that provides breathtaking views of the surrounding terrain and prominent Delhi monuments such as Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Lotus Temple, Akshardham, and more. Furthermore, Atlantic Water Park provides a combo of entry with a veg lunch buffet, which isn’t very expensive. Moreover, you can get hefty discounts on your tickets if you use vouchers and deals by voucherdeals.

Location: Kalindi Kunj

Timings: 11AM TO 6PM

Price: For a single person – INR 1200, For senior Citizens – INR 600, For a couple – INR 2200, For a group of 5-25 people – INR 1050. A COMBO OF ENTRY + Veg Lunch Buffet – For a single person – INR 1300, For senior Citizens – INR 900, For a couple – INR 2500, For a group of 5-25 people – INR 1200.

5. Just Chill Water Park

Just Chill is one of Delhi’s newest water parks. Moreover, it could be just the weekend getaway you need to beat the heat this summer. At Just Chill, you’ll find a wide range of adventure games that are sure to provide hours of unfettered entertainment. Furthermore, other attractions like the Rainbow Godzilla and Katrina Twist live up to their snazzy titles, while the crazy Black Thrill takes you on a tour that will leave you disoriented. Also, there are several water pools and slides, a rain dance ramp, and a DJ system. Moreover, before buying tickets, check out the water parks vouchers from voucherdeals because they can save you an enormous amount of money.

Location: Main GT Karnal Road

Timings: 10 AM TO 7 PM

Price: Child – Height Below 2.9 ft

Monday-Friday – Free

Sat/Sun/Holiday – Free

Child – Height Between 2.9 ft & 4.6 ft

Monday-Friday – INR 400, Sat/Sun/Holiday – INR 500 (* Taxes will be extra)

Adult – Height Above 4.6 ft

Monday-Friday – INR 600

Sat/Sun/Holiday – INR 700 (* Taxes will be extra)

Stag (For Boys) – Monday-Friday – INR 800, Sat/Sun/Holiday – INR 900 (* Taxes will be extra)

Couple – Monday-Friday – INR 1200, Sat/Sun/Holiday – INR 1400 (* Taxes will be extra)

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