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Nestled in the vibrant Vasant Square Mall, Marrakesh Bar and Kitchen has been a culinary beacon in Vasant Kunj since its establishment in 2024. Renowned for its enticing array of Biryani, Mughlai, North Indian, and Lebanese cuisines, the restaurant draws enthusiasts seeking diverse and flavorful dining experiences. Stepping into Marrakesh unveils a captivating blend of Indian luxury and Marrakesh’s heritage, crafting an ambiance that exudes luxury and style. The menu caters to various preferences, featuring standout dishes like Murg Kali Mirch, Zaatar Naan, and Murgh Nizami, which are available for delivery, casual dining, quick bites, or takeaway.

Marrakesh Restaurant: What’s More?

Marrakesh Bar and Kitchen focuses on client comfort with consistent home conveyance, adaptable installment choices, and day-to-day stretched-out hours from 12:00 pm to 12:00 am. Taking special care of assorted preferences, it offers indoor and outside seating for a bunch of social affairs and family excursions. With a typical expense of ₹600 for two, Marrakesh ensures culinary greatness and excellent worth. The warm staff, efficient service, and inviting atmosphere create a culinary sanctuary near Vasant Square Mall, inviting patrons to savor a blend of flavors, history, and cultural richness in the heart of Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.

Marrakesh Restaurant: Timing

Laid out in 2024 at Vasant Kunj’s Vasant Square Shopping center, Marrakesh Bar and Kitchen offers a heavenly mix of Biryani, Mughlai, North Indian, and Lebanese cooking styles. With diverse dining choices, including delivery, it seamlessly merges opulent Indian culture with Marrakesh’s heritage. Providing convenience with home delivery, varied payment options, and operating from 12:00 pm to 12:00 am, Marrakesh is a cultural fusion hub with indoor and outdoor seating, an average cost of ₹600 for two, and a friendly staff.

Operational Timings:

  • Monday to Sunday: 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM 

Monday12:00 PM – 12:00 AM 
Tuesday12:00 PM – 12:00 AM 
Wednesday12:00 PM – 12:00 AM 
Thursday12:00 PM – 12:00 AM 
Friday12:00 PM – 12:00 AM 
Saturday12:00 PM – 12:00 AM 
Sunday12:00 PM – 12:00 AM 

Marrakesh Restaurant: Location Address

Leave on a culinary excursion at Marrakesh Bar and Kitchen, settled in the core of Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, inside the enthusiastic Vasant Square Shopping centre. This recognized eatery, arranged at Vasant Square Shopping Center, Vasant Kunj, welcomes you to enjoy an agreeable combination of Biryani, Mughlai, North Indian, and Lebanese cooking styles. Drench yourself in the bountiful woven artwork of Indian culture flawlessly mixed with Marrakesh’s rich legacy at this gastronomic centre, where different feasting choices anticipate, including advantageous conveyance and relaxed eating. Explore Marrakesh at Vasant Kunj’s Vasant Square Mall and embark on an unforgettable culinary journey.

  • Location:  Vasant Square Mall Shop number T1-T2, Vasant Kunj Rd, Pocket 5, Sector B, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, 110070

Marrakesh Restaurant: Tasty Food Menu


  • Peppered Delight Chicken (Murg Kali Mirch): Delicious chicken marinated in a strong pepper-imbued zest mix for a flavor explosion.
  • Mediterranean Symphony Platter: A tempting blend of hummus, falafel, tabbouleh, and warm pita bread, making an agreeable beginning.
  • Perfectly Grilled Mughlai Skewers: Indulge in the juiciness of minced meat kebabs, expertly grilled to perfection.

Main Course – Vegetarian:

  • Creamy Tomato Infusion (Paneer Makhani): Cottage cheese immersed in a luscious tomato sauce for a rich and creamy delight.
  • Fragrant Vegetable Symphony (Veg Biryani): Basmati rice hits the dance floor with grouped vegetables and sweet-smelling flavors, making a fragrant tune.
  • Levantine Elegance Wrap (Lebanese Falafel Wrap): A harmony of crispy falafel, crisp garden-fresh vegetables, and creamy tahini embraced within a comforting wrap.

Main Course – Non-Vegetarian:

  • Aromatic Mughal Affair (Mughlai Chicken Curry): Tender chicken pieces simmered in a rich, aromatic gravy for an exquisite experience.
  • Lebanese Shawarma Extravaganza: Sliced chicken with veggies and garlic sauce, served with pita bread, offering a burst of Lebanese flavors.
  • Royal Hyderabadi Dum Showcase (Hyderabadi Dum Biryani): Flavorful basmati rice layered with marinated chicken, slow-cooked to perfection.


  • Zestful Zaatar Naan: Traditional naan bread elevated with a zesty za’atar spice blend for a burst of Middle Eastern flair.
  • Garlic Symphony Naan: Naan bread infused with garlic is the perfect accompaniment to complement the robust curries.
  • Soft and Thin Roomali Roti: Ideal for wrapping around kebabs or soaking up the flavorful curries.


  • Levantine Bliss Baklava: Layers of filo pastry filled with nuts, sweetened with honey, offering a taste of Lebanese sweetness.
  • Saffron-Infused Phirni: Creamy rice pudding delicately flavored with saffron and cardamom, a delightful ending to your culinary journey.

Marrakesh Restaurant: Additional Information

Leave on a tempting excursion at Marrakesh, a luxurious, safe house including a captivating mix of Biryani, Mughlai, North Indian, and Lebanese cooking styles. Marrakesh tailors its dining experience to your preferences, offering delivery, casual dining, quick bites, and take-out options.

  • Signature Experience:

Renowned for its gracious staff, swift service, and welcoming ambience, Marrakesh crafts an unforgettable dining atmosphere. Expect the extraordinary, where every visit promises a memorable experience.

  • Affordable Indulgence:

Delight in an array of flavors without breaking the bank, with an average cost of ₹600 for two. Marrakesh ensures that every rupee spent translates into an extraordinary culinary adventure.

  • Must-Try Delicacies:

Investigate the flavorsome universe of Marrakesh with champion dishes like the fragrant Murg Kali Mirch, powerful Zaatar Naan, and the enamoring Murgh Nizami, fundamental to raise your eating undertaking.

  • Payment and Services:

Experience hassle-free transactions with diverse payment options, including cash, credit cards, and digital wallets like Paytm and PhonePe. Embrace convenience with home delivery, vegetarian options, and efficient delivery services.

  • Versatile Atmosphere:

Taking care of a different group, Marrakesh invites gatherings and families the same. Partake in the comfortable inside or the reviving outside seating while at the same time savoring a variety of foods.

  • Family-Friendly Haven:

Custom-crafted for all, Marrakesh stands as a welcoming haven for families, guaranteeing a joyous encounter that captivates even the smallest epicureans.

In essence, Marrakesh Bar and Kitchen isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a tapestry of exceptional service, inviting ambiance, and a rich assortment of culinary wonders, inviting you to partake in an unparalleled dining extravaganza.

Marrakesh Restaurant: Pricing

Discover culinary delights at Marrakesh in Vasant Square Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. Priced at just ₹600 for two, relish an exquisite fusion of Biryani, Mughlai, North Indian, and Lebanese cuisines. Known for pleasant staff and swift service, Marrakesh offers diverse dining options, including home delivery and casual dining. Indulge in must-try dishes like Murg Kali Mirch, Zaatar Naan, and Murgh Nizami. With easy payment options of cash, cards, and digital wallets, Marrakesh welcomes you daily from 12:00 pm to 12:00 am, providing both indoor and outdoor seating for a versatile and affordable dining experience.

  • Pricing: ₹600 (rupees). 

Marrakesh Restaurant: Attractive Highlights

  • Culinary Symphony Oasis: 

Nestled within the embrace of Vasant Square Mall, New Delhi, Marrakesh embarks on a gastronomic journey, harmonizing the diverse notes of Biryani, Mughlai, North Indian, and Lebanese cuisines. Here, Indian opulence entwines seamlessly with Marrakesh’s heritage, a culinary ballet that has been enchanting since 2024.

  • Unrivaled Atmosphere: 

Step into Marrakesh and be embraced by a sumptuous ambiance, an artful blend of Indian splendor and Marrakesh’s storied legacy, creating an immersive backdrop for an indulgent dining escapade.

  • Versatile Dining Experiences: 

Marrakesh caters to an array of preferences, offering delivery, casual dining, quick bites, and takeaway services. Dive into the flavors of must-try dishes like Murg Kali Mirch, Zaatar Naan, and Murgh Nizami.

  • Customer-Centric Hospitality: 

At Marrakesh, customer satisfaction takes center stage. Moreover, with extended operating hours from 12:00 pm to 12:00 am daily, home delivery options, and a variety of payment methods the Marrakesh Bar and Kitchen restaurant ensures a seamless and gratifying dining experience.

  • Accessible Opulence: 

Boasting an average cost of ₹600 for two, Marrakesh presents itself as a beacon of value, where affordability meets excellence. With an inviting atmosphere, genial staff, swift service, and a welcoming vibe, it has become the quintessential destination in Vasant Kunj.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

  • What is Marrakesh’s Signature Experience?

Marrakesh is known for its friendly staff, prompt service, and warm atmosphere. It also has an unforgettable dining experience, so every time you go, you’ll remember it.

  • What is the Average Cost for Two at Marrakesh?

The average cost for two at Marrakesh is ₹600, providing patrons with an affordable indulgence in a diverse fusion of Biryani, Mughlai, North Indian, and Lebanese cuisines.

  • What are the Must-try Delicacies at Marrakesh?

Explore the flavorsome world of Marrakesh with standout dishes like the aromatic Murg Kali Mirch, irresistible Zaatar Naan, and the captivating Murgh Nizami, essential to elevate your dining affair.

  • What Dining Options Does Marrakesh Offer?

Marrakesh caters to diverse preferences with delivery, casual dining, quick bites, and takeaway services, providing patrons with convenient options to enjoy their culinary offerings.

  • Is Marrakesh a Family Restaurant?

Certainly, Marrakesh is a great choice for families, because it offers a welcoming atmosphere suitable for all ages. Moreover, with comfortable indoor seating and refreshing outdoor options, the restaurant ensures an enjoyable experience for families and gatherings, including the little ones.


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