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Oh! Max Dream World Land Trampoline Park is the largest indoor trampoline park in Greater Noida, India, offering exhilarating experiences for kids. With Olympic-grade trampolines, visitors can jump higher and dunk harder. At the same time, expert jumpers can try the thrilling ‘Walk The Wall’ feature. The park also provides a fun game of volleyball on the trampolines for kids and adults to enjoy. Anyone, regardless of age, shape, or physical ability, can have an amazing time at the trampoline park, experiencing high-flying fun. Dodgeball games are available specifically for kids, and there is a dedicated trampoline ladies’ night once a week. 

Moreover, despite the fact that the prices of the Oh! Max Dream World tickets are uncertain, you will find it worth it after visiting. Similar to “Oh! Max Dream World Land tickets price,” the Oh Max Dream World Land timing is also uncertain. Therefore, it is suggested either to visit its official website or directly contact Oh Max Dream World Land. So you can easily gather correct information, whether it’s about Oh Max Dream World Land tickets, Oh Max Dream World Land timing, or Oh! Max Dream World land booking.      

Oh Max Dream World Land: What’s More?  

Oh Max Dream World Land is more than just a trampoline park—it is India’s first indoor theme park, known as Oh Max The Indoor Wonderland. Located within the Omaxe Connaught Place Mall in Greater Noida, it is a mega entertainment destination perfect for a fun-filled day with the whole family. Oh Max Dream World Land offers world-class entertainment for all age groups, ensuring there is something special for everyone who visits. Moreover, it’s a family place; hence you will never find the provided facilities overly priced when it comes to Oh Max Dream World Land tickets.  

3 Exceptional Sections Of Oh! Max Dream World Land

Oh Max Dream World Land offers world-class entertainment for people of all age groups. Moreover, whoever visits there has something special & unforgettable that blends with their taste. Oh! Max Dream World is divided into three themed sections. And these are: 

  1. Oh! Taj 

Secret Chambers Of Taj

  1. Oh! Explore

Jungles of Amazon

Treasures of Tut

The Unsinkable Titanic

Chocolate Factory

Mirror Maze

  1. Oh! Adventure

Trampoline Park

Sea Ball Pool

Adventure Park

Details of the 3 Theme Sections

No doubt the above-provided information must be insufficient for you before planning for a visit there. Therefore, here you have detailed information on the particular theme-based section. Let’s have a look at them;  

  • Oh! Taj (Secret Chambers Of Taj) 

This section features a realistic 40-foot replica of the Taj Mahal, providing a magical journey of love and commitment. Visitors can explore the secret chamber where the Tomb of Shahjahan & Mumtaz Mahal is kept, an area not open to the general public at the Taj Mahal in Agra. The experience also includes a 6D movie show and a holographic performance in the Forbidden Chamber, offering a captivating glimpse into the history and the famous love story.

  • Oh! Explore

Oh! Explore is a section of Oh Max Dream World Land that offers a variety of themed attractions for visitors to enjoy. Overall, Oh! Explore within Oh Max Dream World Land offers diverse themes and attractions, catering to different interests and age groups. Moreover, as per the below description in the Oh! Explore theme visitors can have the chance to explore the enchanting Jungles of Amazon. Plus, hang out in the mesmerizing & illusion full Mirror Maze and even interact with the history of the Titanic.

At the same time, it will be worthless if you will not unravel the mysteries of Tutankhamun’s tomb. Furthermore, to refresh your nostalgic “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” memories, please visit Chocolate Factory and indulge in the joy of chocolate making. In a nutshell, Oh! Explore is one place where imagination, education, and entertainment exist together. 

  • Jungles of Amazon

One of the highlights is the Jungles of Amazon, which is a meticulously designed replica of the Amazonian woodlands. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the wild jungle environment, surrounded by exotic plants, ancient caves, and suspension bridges, and encounter lifelike representations of wild animals. It provides an educational experience, especially for children, to learn about jungle life and the fascinating Xingu tribe. The Jungle of Amazon theme is a unique opportunity for people living in metropolitan cities to get a glimpse of what a real jungle looks like.

  • Mirror Maze

Another exciting attraction in Oh! Explore is the Mirror Maze. Visitors must rely on their reflections to find their way out as they venture into this maze of mirrors. It’s a thrilling and mind-bending experience that challenges their perception and navigation skills. Trusting their own reflections becomes the key to solving the maze and reaching the exit.

  • The Unsinkable Titanic

For those fascinated by the history of the iconic Titanic, the Unsinkable Titanic theme offers a captivating experience. The meticulously recreated ambiance of the famous ship takes visitors on a journey through its luxurious decor, themed cafe, menu, and rooms. Moreover, Captain Smith acts as a guide, leading guests through the various sections of the ship, culminating in a mesmerizing starry night performance that captures the grandeur and tragedy of the Titanic’s voyage.

  • Treasures of Tut

The Treasures of Tut theme takes visitors back in time to the cursed tomb of Tutankhamun, approximately 3500 years ago. This theme explores the intriguing story of the tomb’s curse, the measures taken to guard its treasures, and the battles fought over its gold. While the theme may have a slightly scary undertone, it provides a captivating and educational experience. Visitors can also enjoy a 3D animation movie clip that enhances their journey through the ancient tomb.

  • Chocolate Factory

The Chocolate Factory theme is a beloved attraction, especially among children. Here, they have the opportunity to learn the art of making pure chocolates alongside Prince and Princess Pudducherry. It’s a delightful and interactive experience that allows children to indulge in their love for chocolate while discovering the secrets behind its creation.

  • Oh! Adventure

This section includes the Trampoline Park, where visitors can enjoy the thrill of trampolines, as well as a Sea Ball Pool and an Adventure Park for further indoor play and exploration.

Why Oh! Max Dream World land? 

Oh Max Dream World Land is a complete family entertainment package that ensures a memorable and enjoyable experience for all. Moreover, the park also features an indoor cafeteria where visitors can sit and enjoy delicious food. The pricing of Oh! Max Dream World Land tickets is economical, making it accessible for families. It is advisable to wear sports shoes and arrive early to make the most of the experience.

Oh Max Dream World Land Trampoline Park and Oh Max Dream World Land are located at Omaxe Connaught Place, Sector Beta 2, Greater Noida, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Uttar Pradesh. Please note that prices are subject to change, so checking the official website or contacting the park directly for the most up-to-date information is recommended.

Oh! Max Dream World land: Timings

Day                    Timing
Monday11:00 AM – 07:30 PM
Tuesday11:00 AM – 07:30 PM
Wednesday10:30 AM – 08:30 PM
Thursday11:00 AM – 07:30 PM
Friday 11:00 AM – 07:30 PM
Saturday11:00 AM – 07:30 PM
Sunday11:00 AM – 07:30 PM

Oh!Max Dream World land: Luscious Food 

Oh! Max Dream World land Trampoline Park, you can expect a diverse and enjoyable selection of food options suitable for a fun-filled day of activities. From satisfying snacks to indulgent treats, there’s something for everyone:

  • Snacks: Refuel between jumps with a tempting assortment of snacks. And these include freshly popped popcorn, crispy nachos with savory toppings, flavorful pretzels, and a variety of crunchy chips.
  • Beverages: Stay hydrated and refreshed with a wide range of beverages available. And it includes a wide range of soft drinks, bottled water, flavorful juices, and even sports drinks to energize you.
  • Fast Food: The on-site cafes or concessions at Oh! Max Dream World land Trampoline Park offers a delicious selection of fast-food options, perfect for satisfying those hunger pangs. Enjoy mouthwatering burgers, classic hot dogs, freshly baked pizzas, crispy and tender chicken tenders, and golden fries that hit the spot.
  • Ice Cream and Desserts: Treat yourself and your taste buds to delightful frozen treats. Choose from a delightful selection of ice creams, luscious frozen yogurts, and other delectable desserts, offering a sweet reward after an action-packed day.
  • Healthy Options: For those seeking healthier alternatives, Oh! Max Dream World land Trampoline Park aims to cater to your needs. Enjoy nourishing salads packed with fresh and wholesome ingredients, flavorful fruit cups bursting with natural goodness, and refreshing and nutritious smoothies to energize you throughout the day.

Keep in mind that the actual menu at Oh! Max Dream World land Trampoline Park might feature its own unique twists and additions so that you can look forward to a delightful surprise of flavours and options during your visit.

Oh!Max Dream World Land: Attractive Highlights

Experience the ultimate fun-filled adventure at Oh! Max Dream World land Trampoline Park. Here are three compelling reasons why you should visit this thrilling destination:

  • Soft Play Arena 

Bring your little ones to the Soft Play Arena, where they can explore, climb, and interact in a safe and exciting environment. Let their imagination run wild as they navigate through tunnels, conquer obstacles, and enjoy endless playtime with other kids.

  • Battle Beam 

Challenge your friends or family to an epic showdown on the Battle Beam! Step onto the beam, equipped with padded jousting sticks, and test your balance and skills. It’s a friendly competition that guarantees laughter and memorable moments.

  • Free Jump Arena

Bounce to new heights in the Free Jump Arena! With Olympic-grade trampolines beneath your feet, feel the rush of soaring through the air and performing gravity-defying flips. This area is perfect for beginners and expert jumpers, promising an exhilarating experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oh! Max Dream World land

Q.1 What are the Main Attractions at Oh Max Dream World Land Trampoline Park?

A.1 The main attractions at Oh Max Dream World land trampoline park Are Olympic-grade trampolines, the ‘Walk The Wall’ feature, trampoline volleyball, and dedicated dodgeball games for kids.

Q.2 What are the Three Themed Sections at Oh Max Dream World Land Indoor Theme Park? 

A.2.Three themed sections at Oh Max Dream World Land Indoor Theme Park: Oh! Taj (replica of Taj Mahal with a secret chamber experience), Oh! Explore (attractions like Jungles of Amazon, Mirror Maze, Titanic experience, and Treasures of Tut). Oh! Adventure (Trampoline Park, Sea Ball Pool, and Adventure Park).

Q.3 What are the Highlights of the “Oh! Explore” Section at Oh Max Dream World land? 

A.3. Highlights of the “Oh! Explore” section: Jungles of Amazon, Mirror Maze, Unsinkable Titanic, and Treasures of Tut.

Q.4 What Food Options are Available at Oh! Does Max Dream World land Trampoline Park? 

A.4 Food options at Oh! Max Dream World land Trampoline Park: Snacks (popcorn, nachos, pretzels, chips), beverages (soft drinks, water, juices, sports drinks), fast food (burgers, hot dogs, pizzas, chicken tenders, fries), and healthier options (salads, fruit cups, smoothies).


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